Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WDW Trip Reminiscing: February 2009

Trip Name: Birthday Extravaganza 2009

Where We Stayed: Savanna View at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

What Made It Different: My husband sprang for the savanna view at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This was also the first trip where my husband's family joined us and I brought along a good friend.  This was the year of Celebrate Today! and I got in free on my birthday, except that we already had our tickets, so I got a gift card instead!  I love my charm bracelet.

Magical Moment: On our first night I woke up to hear some strange noises coming from our window.  Several animals gathered at the watering hole and the birds were fighting over their position!  What an amazing time to sit and watch animals from our balcony!

PS: On this trip my husband got really really sick.  We spent one whole day just sitting in our hotel room.  Since there isn't a lot to watch on TV at WDW - I'm sure they'd rather we were in their parks spending money and having a good time - we watched a lot of ESPN.  That was the week that Manny Ramirez got traded.  It was the only thing happening in sports. We could recite the entire interview by the end of the trip.

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