Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our DIS-tory

We just returned from 11 glorious days in The World.  It was not so glorious in the moment.  It was hot.  Like hotter than hot.  And I hauled around two kids; one of them cannot even hold her own bottle yet.  One week later I think, WOW!  THAT WAS AN AMAZING TRIP!  Guess I just needed some time.

I was talking with my Dad about our trip.  I couldn't believe the short lines in the Magic Kingdom, on a Saturday, even for the most popular rides like Peter Pan and those dangblasted Dumbos.  Is there a parent code somewhere that says, "You must ride the Dumbos with your child no matter how long the line is?"  I guess I just don't get it.  The short lines made it possible to ride the Dumbos with little trouble.  In fact, I almost missed the photo op since it happened so fast.

As I share this with my Dad he tells about his memory of Disneyland.

"You know what?" he says.  "I went to Disney a handful of times as a kid.  I don't remember what I rode or what I saw or what I ate.  Do you know what I remember?  Standing in line."

I laughed.  Everyone knows my 30 minute rule.  I won't wait more than 30 minutes for anything rides (I learned that I will stand in line for more than 30 minutes for one thing.  More on that tomorrow).

"I remember we always had to wait in line for Pirates of the Caribbean because my Mom loved that ride," he told me.

Aha!  There is was.  A sweet little gem about the past.  A story I had never heard.  A connection to my Grandmother that I'd never had.  I didn't know she'd ever been to Disneyland and now I know that we share a favorite ride.

It warmed my heart.  It made me smile.  I had an inspiration.

We need to tell our history, our family history, through Disney.  It is our DIS-tory.  It is a way to know each other, to connect with each other, and to share with each other in a way like never before.

So, this is my call to action, for you, your friends, your families, to share with each other your DIS-tory!  A photo (of course) and a favorite story, a magical moment, a memory so that you might know each other better and share in the magic together.

To my own family and friends: I am compiling a book of Disney stories for our daughters.  I hope that you will contribute a favorite story (or two), a memory, a moment, and possibly a picture - especially one of you in front of the castle, current or historical, both would be fabulous.  I hope these stories will leave a lasting impression on our girls, just as my Dad's story did for me.

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