Friday, May 18, 2012

Disney Photoshop Tips: Adding Pixie Dust

Do you literally need some pixie dust in your photos?  These Photoshop Brushes can be downloaded for free from here and can make any picture magical.  I used Glitter II, Fairy Wings, and Pixies to create this photo of my daughter.   Not only do I love how this looks, but I think that this picture also captures the essence of my 2 ½ year old at this time in her life.  She believes in fairies and magic and thinks that pixie dust is real.


  1. I love this. Downloaded the brushes and have been playing around. How did you make the fairies, glitter etc. glow. Did you create a layer and brighten?

  2. I believe that I did a shadow in white to create that glowing look! I definitely worked on them in their own layer! That is a GREAT question!