Friday, June 1, 2012

Pregnant at the Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is one of the most challenging parks to visit while pregnant.  You cannot ride the big three rides: Everest, Dinosaur, or Kilimanjaro Safari.  That leaves very little to do except catch a couple of shows.  Since this is our second favorite park and the park with the best food (in my opinion) it was a little hard to visit during our BABYMOON II (like a Honeymoon, but to celebrate your baby instead!). 

I had, however, taken up photography in recent months and enjoyed taking some interesting photos of this bicycle in Harambe.  I love Disney's attention to detail and this park is one of the most beautifully done. 

I didn't mind the chance to sit, photograph, and also visit the bathroom a few times while my husband and daughter enjoyed the safari.

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