Thursday, June 7, 2012

Favorite EPCOT Country: Mexico

EPCOT (aka Nerd Park in our house) holds the esteemed position of our "favorite park."  Something about the combination of science and culture appeals to me.  I also find it to be a lazy park.  You can enjoy it quickly or slowly.  You can wander through the countries, stopping to eat delicious snacks when you feel like, and then admire the pickle tree in Germany.  You could also blaze through each country, buy the postcard, find the pressed penny machine and be on your way.  I can't really explain it, but we enjoy this park more than any other and it isn't because of the booze.  Although, I have heard the avocado margarita in Mexico is delightful.

Speaking of Mexico, I have to give it the "MY FAVORITE COUNTRY IN EPCOT" award.  

Minus the seagull/churro incident, which sent the rest of our party diving under the table and me fending off a crazed seagull to the point where I tossed the churro to protect my face, Mexico, for me is the most relaxing country in Epcot (PS: Special Thanks to the Cast Member working at the counter service window who gave me a new churro for free.  It took the sting out of my bird attack).

What makes a great country in EPCOT?

(1) Great Music: I sure do love that Mariachi band.
(2) Great Attraction: very few counties can boast of this and I have to give it to Mexico for never having a line, being in a boat, and something my 2-year-old actually remembers from her last trip.
(3) Great Food: Churros, tacos, quesadillas, this is the best food overall (the egg rolls in China are also amazing).
(4) Great Theme: I appreciate the ride, the market, and a restaurant are all inside, making this an ideal place to cool off  in the summer.  There are also wonderful things to buy and look at inside too.
(5) Characters: I know that nearly every country has a character, but do they have Donald in a sombrero?  Honestly folks.  How can you top that?
(6) Great View: I sure do love sitting on the outdoor terrace eating some tacos.

And that's why when I recently found myself in the Dentist's chair having a cavity filled I went to my happy place and it was Mexico.

What is your "happy Disney place?"  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. We have a few. I think Mexico is up there. We also have a love affair with this one pretzel stand in Tomorrowland AND, of course, the Brown Derby. Almost all of our happy places involve food. LOL.