Monday, June 4, 2012

Grocery Delivery at Walt Disney World

In 2011 we took our two-year-old daughter for her *gasp* second trip to Walt Disney World.  She eats a lot of different foods, but I was concerned that she wouldn't get enough to eat on our trip.  Also, that kid eats the very second her feet hit the floor.  Don't try to put her off long enough to feed the baby or shove a protein bar in your own mouth.  She will be hopping around you singing a song about oatmeal or repeatedly telling you, while waving one hand to emphasize her point, "I don't want my waffles toasted."  I don't bother explaining that they are frozen and have to be toasted.

How could I get her breakfast the second she wakes up when our character meal is at least a 15 minute bus ride away...if the bus comes exactly when we arrive at the bus stop?

It seemed foolish to run to quick service and get her waffles or pancakes when we were going to eat again in only an hour, but it also seemed cruel to make her wait.  For one thing, I didn't want to hear the oatmeal song our entire trip, but I also get cranky when I'm hungry and I don't want her feeling like that either.

Solution: Garden Grocer

After doing a little research on the internet (I thank God nearly every day for the internet...seriously), I discovered that you can have groceries delivered to your Walt Disney World Resort!  I ordered everything for her breakfast that she needs; Oatmeal, milk, cinnamon, and applesauce.  Even if she ate french fries at every single meal, I knew that she would eat one good meal a day.  She could even eat it for dinner or snack and she could eat first thing in the morning.

This was the best thing I've ever done on vacation.  Smartest mom-move ever.

This year I will be doing the same thing.  I am also ordering diapers, wipes, water, formula, rice cereal, cheezits (husband request), bananas (daughter request), and fish crackers (do kids live on these or what?!).  This eliminates at least one suitcase and the need to shop once we get there.

You can check it out for yourself at 

Some notes: There is a minimum order and a delivery fee.  The prices are a little steeper than you would normally pay, but you do not have to shop for yourself.  I'd rather have that 2 hours for fun than spend it at the grocery store. They sell most major brands, fresh produce, and also a wide variety of organic options.  Groceries are delivered to bell services if you are not there.  (Thanks Bell Services!!!)  I have had great success with this service on two occasions and highly recommend it.

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