Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Rag Garland

This sweet rag tie garland requires no sewing and no hot glue gun.  In fact, you only need a few items and about half a football game's worth of time to finish it!

I love the way this looks on our mantle and it really finishes off the festive feeling of Christmas.

You just need a few supplies.  For this approximately 6' garland, I used one yard each of two coordinating fabrics.  I cut the strips approximately 1.5" wide by 6", but, honestly, I mostly guessed and just eyeballed it.  Don't make yourself crazy measuring!

TIP: Alternate fabrics in a 1:1 ratio to give this a more cohesive look.  I had originally started by alternating three strips of each color, but it did not look right at all.  This way looks perfect!

Measure your length, remembering to take into account any scallops and adding a few extra inches for hanging. 

Find yourself a comfy seat and get to it!  Tie your strips on your twine until you run out of fabric!  Enjoy your fluffy garland!

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