Wednesday, November 6, 2013

50 Days of Christmas Crafts

At the beginning of this year I challenged myself to complete at least 52 Pinterest projects by the end of the year.  That was only one a week, but I really only needed two months to complete that goal!  Over the summer I completed another 52 projects as I made props for an epic photo shoot.  So, here we are, 50 days from Christmas, and I think that it's time to get craftie once again!

Here's a rundown of what I'd like to make over the next 50 days: (Bold has begun, Red is complete, underlined blue links will take you to the finished post!)

1 Felt Ornaments: animal & Santa shapes
2 Felt hearts with pine cone garland
3 Poinsettia tree skirt
4 Felt Wall Tree (for kids to decorate with other felt things!)
5 Felt Cup Holders
6 Letters
7 Bows
8 Felt trees on sticks
9 Lily Pond Playmat (gift for Elizabeth)
10 Campfire (gift for Emily)
43 Felt Ornaments: Small World Inspired

11 Paper ornaments--has been recreated as a paper project instead!
12 yarn-ball reindeer ornament
13 Chalkboard Printable Ornaments
14 Chalkboard Hand-Lettered Ornaments
46 Mickey Ornaments (3 kinds)

15 Red Branches in a bucket
16 Small domes with holiday/snow scenes
17 Mickey topiary
18 Red & Brown Rag Garland
19 Garland Wrapped Monogram
20 Vintage fabric-wrapped candy canes
21 Sharpie Projects: pillows, mugs, or ornaments
22 Yard stick lit star
23 Joy, Love, Merry Pillows
24 Frame & Hang "MistleTOES" from last year
25 Star Garland
26 Christmas Clothes Pins

27 Penguin, Dinosaur, and Monster Mittens
28 Ribbon Ruffle Tree Tees
29 Christmas Hershey Kisses
30 Printable Vintage Tickets (tags)
31 Onesie Ornaments
32 Car "Sash" for wearing your matchbox cars
33 Butterfly wings
34 Chalkboard Present Labels (Hand lettered)
35 Disney Countdown Blocks
44 Print & Laminate Alphabet Tracing Cards
45 Maroon Wrap (for myself!) :)
47 Dinosaur Tail
49 Fabric drawstring bags
50 something to hang over our bed

36 Stamped Christmas Trees
37 Penguin Pals
38 "Believe" red blocks
39 Reindeer Thumbprint ornaments
40 Clay Handprint Santa Ornaments
51 Snowman Sticks
41 Snow Friends Decor
42 Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks for gifting!
48 Gingerbread Houses


  1. Under gifts I see nothing with the word TURTLE in it....

    1. ANYTHING can be made out of felt....and actually I incorporated your "turtle" request into one of my projects tonight!