Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick & Easy Kid Crafts: Wooden Masks

Ever see those wooden masks in the dollar bin at Joann's and wonder what the heck you would do with them?  Wonder no more!  I turned a class of preschoolers loose with some materials and these $1 masks for an amazing creative experience!  

I love how every one of these turned out different and unique!  Watching kids decide where to put the decorations was amazing. Some were very methodical. Some were random. Some of them were methodical, but you would never know it because they added so many things to it!  

I really enjoyed sharing in this experience.  I never would have thought to do some of the things they did, like put pompons on the cheeks!   

If you already have an art stash going, then this project is easy to throw together for the 3+ crowd or any kid who can handle a glue bottle!

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