Wednesday, May 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Pinterest

One of my resolutions in 2013 was obviously NOT to write about my resolutions right away!  ha!  I know that it is May, but I have been working on my resolutions.

In addition to showering my children with as much attention as they can stand (more on this later), I decided to set a few goals for myself.  One of them was to complete 52 Pinterest projects this year.  That is only 1 a week!  A totally doable goal for a mother of two young kids.

Here were my guidelines:

1. The project had to be taken directly from or seriously PINspired by Pinterest.

2. The project could be from any category: recipes, home decor, DIY, crafting, kids activities --> these are the most likely categories, but there could be others.

3. The project had to be completed in 2013 and still counts if it was started in 2012.

4. The project did not necessarily have to be completely made by me, but had to be my inspiration, vision, and I had to purchase everything for it.  (i.e. My Mom finished up some things for me)

I should have set a more challenging goal.  I have completed 56 PINspired projects by 4/30/13. 

I will start posting pictures soon!

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