Thursday, November 21, 2013

50 Days of Crafts: Felt Cup Warmers

I have seen this coffee cup cozy idea floating around Pinterest for a while and it seemed easy enough to create.  In fact, this Mickey Cup Cozy craft has been on my Pinterest "to do list" for a while.  Since I love all things MOUSE related, I thought I'd try it out myself.

My finished project was a little too small (I did not use their template) and I used velcro & the sewing machine instead of elastic thread and a hot glue gun.  TIP: If you happen to have an empty cup sitting around from your last coffee run, use your sleeve as a pattern for your cup cozy.
For my version of the project you need: felt (scraps will do!), two buttons, thread (black and white), needle (for button sewing), scissors (straight and pinking shears), and velcro.  I also put a thin piece of batting in the middle for extra protection!

Not just for coffee cups!  I LOVE how it dresses it up my pen holder (aka Tin Can) on my desk.  Wrap one of these around a can filled with chocolate or candy canes and you have a sweet gift!

I have another one of these in the works, but the reveal will have to wait until after Christmas.

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