Saturday, November 9, 2013

50 Days of Christmas Crafts: Update

It is late on a Saturday night.  I do most of my crafting after the kids go to bed.  I can hear the rain on the window every now and then.  I am reminded that it is cozy in here.  I am surrounded be felt.  It is on the desk next to me, bits and pieces of it strewn about, scraps on the floor, and yards of it kicked under the table while I created.  A huge tangle of felt scraps awaits me at the end of the table.

I spent the last three days gathering supplies, templates, patterns, and cutting lots and lots and lots and lots of items.  I've found the best way to make "sewing" crafts (i.e. felt projects, dresses, costumes) is to cut everything at once and then sew.  Otherwise, you hop back and forth between the sewing machine and the cutting table, making yourself very tired, and getting very discouraged.

What this really means is that I have not completed any one thing, but I have many things underway.  Check out my Christmas Craft List to see what I've started.

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