Wednesday, June 11, 2014

M&M Counting

I tried to include a simple counting activity for each week of Family Summer Camp.  This week I used some simple and very clear flashcards for my kids to work on counting. 

Side Note: These cards were mixed in with every other dang toy in the house.  It took me a year, but they are all in one place now.  That is the only reason this activity was possible!

For whatever reason, I cannot find the link to these original cards.  However, you can download similar cards for freeGet them laminated!  It's worth it!

The M&M counting activity is simple:

For older kids: Using a card with a number on it, count out the number of m&ms that equal that number.  My daughter did great with this.  It also gave us an opportunity to talk about how to count things.  Sometimes you easily lose your place when counting.  Putting all the objects in a line might be easier!

For younger kids: My two year old was able to put an m&m on each dot of these flashcards and then count them out loud with me.  She was probably more interested in eating the m&ms than counting, but I was impressed that she could point to each one and count to five!  She is still learning that one to one correspondence, which is critical for math skills.

This is a silly, simple activity.  It took no more than 15 minutes in our day.  It was fun and tasty.  Plus, everyone came to the table when I said, "It involves chocolate!"

Other items you may consider using for counting activities include pom poms, balls of playdough, tiny characters or animals, legos, and small rocks. 

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