Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dice Day

We ended up having nothing specific to do today and nowhere specific to go.  This is very rare for our busy summer days.  I knew that it would probably rain, so I needed a plan to keep my kids from going crazy.  So, I invented Dice Day.

Dice Day is a simple, yet fun way to complete your daily activities and achieve a house jobs/kid needs balance.  I made a list of 20 activities that needed to be done today.  Ten of them were things around the house that MUST be done to keep the house functioning.  Ten of them were fun kid activities and things that we could do together.  Some were short and some were long.  I didn't pay much attention to the length of each thing.  I figured that we wouldn't get to all of them.

Make of list of 20 activities/house jobs and have the kids take turns rolling a 20 sided die to decide which activity to do next!

This went over GREAT with the kids who really enjoyed the M&M counting activity and rain painting.  They were not so happy about making beds or matching socks!  TIP: When the timer goes off - if it is a timed event - just move on to the next roll.  Don't get too caught up in one room or one activity.

Here's my Dice Day Twenty!

1. Make Beds
2. 4 Minute Dance Party!
3. Clean up a 5 minute Hot Spot (Entryway for us)
4. Counting fun with M&Ms
5. Laundry/kids can match socks!
6. Make our own paintbrushes - didn't get to this one
7. Change Bathroom lightbulb - I did do this, but since this house is like a FUNHOUSE my lights are totally not normal and completing this task will require at least one trip to Home Depot.
8. Give Tokens (our reward system) and make new charts
9. Mom: Dishes/Kids: Watch Something 
10. Flashcards
11. Take care of some mail (Mom)
12. Write in Summer Journals - My daughter wanted to skip this one.  I think that I need to make these journals more exciting because she shows NO INTEREST in them.
13. Clean up a 5 minute Hot Spot (Master Bedroom for us)
14. Legos for 15 minutes - we never rolled this!
15. Clean up a 5 minute Hot Spot (Dad's Office for us)
16. Make a video for Aunt Gracie - sorry Auntie Gracie, we never rolled #16
17. Paint Toe Nails!!!
18. Write a letter to a cousin - never rolled this one either!
19. Fold Laundry while kids read new books
20. Sidewalk Chalk OR (if raining) Watercolor Rain Painting 

As you can see, we finished a good number of these and had lots of fun.  We never rolled a few numbers and a few got skipped.  Surprisingly, the only things left that we didn't do were fun things!  I had enough time at the end of the day to make dinner and sneak in an extra load of laundry.

I love Dice Day because it keeps me going and I don't get too bogged down in one thing or one room.  I really wanted to be sure that in the midst of tidying up and straightening things, that the kids got my full attention at some point.  I think that we are all better for it!

Use this list or make your own!  I think that you will find that having fun and getting things done can both happen in the same day!

I would love to hear from YOU!  Do you do anything like this?  Would this work for you?

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