Monday, March 10, 2014

Clean Eating Challenge Week!

My sister-in-law has given her life a total makeover!  In the process she has become an inspiration and coach for others who want to change their eating habits, exercise lifestyle, and take control of their own destiny.

This week she offered a free challenge group on Clean Eating!  I have been interested in this concept for a while. I try to eat, and especially serve to my kids, food as close to its natural state as possible.   I was pleased to see that her recipes and shopping list included many of the things that we eat and that I already had in the fridge. 

Today is DAY 1 and includes 2 snacks + 3 meals.  We are living the delicious life with our guacamole and peppers for snack!  Even my toddler enjoys these snacks!

I will report back on how I am doing tomorrow, but I have already dropped some chicken in the crock pot with some salsa for tomorrow's chicken salsa lunch!

You can find Katie's inspirational page at and learn more about what she can do for you!

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