Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stroller Rental at Walt Disney World

Today’s travel task was to rent a stroller for our trip to Walt Disney World.  At less than 50 days to go, we talk about this trip daily!  On our first trip with our daughter I wore her in a sling most of the time (NOTE: Bring your sling even if you have a stroller.  You will spend a lot of time in line and a sling makes it easy and comfortable to wait, especially with a young baby).

I wanted a stroller for the end of the day when we are exhausted from walking and simply cannot carry her anymore. I chose to rent a jogging stroller for our trip.  It was lightweight and also meant I could shed some of our airport weight by not bringing the enormous Graco stroller I used at home.

Orlando Stroller Rentals have great strollers.  I loved my jogging stroller so much that I bought one when I got home. 

You can rent the Baby Jogger which is great because:

*Easy to fold up (you can do it with one hand)

*Lightweight (it weighed less than my daughter)

*Easy to maneuver (you can push it with one hand)

*folds up small (easy for the bus!)

I look forward to using the Citi Mini Double on our next trip.   The best part?  They deliver it right to my resort for me and it will be waiting when I arrive.

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